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If you wish to role play something with Jason, drop me a note here and we can work something out.
Posting a link to a post will also get me to reply to it, if that's what you want.

Things I will RP without question:
AUs (all and any)

Things I will NOT RP:

Though I am open to other things. Don't be shy to ask for something else!


[If you want to play in a new AU with Jason, just drop me a message]

Marvel!AU - Jason's become a victim of the multiverse again. Except this time he isn't familiar with anything or anyone. (x-over with Marvel Comics)
-> Rogue bornincaldecott | Jason's stolen his way into the Jean Gray School.

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You batfreaks owe me a helicopter.

[Open RP for any of the Bats]

Jason had taken nearly four hours to set up the explosions. The last of his gang was cleaning out the weapons, and the other various vehicles that Jason had started to collect. Jason said to leave the helicopter on the roof, it was how he was getting out of Gotham after all. He told the men to take what they wanted, and get lost. Go visit family, sell the cars, sell the drugs, do whatever the hell they wanted to do, just not in Gotham. When all was done, Jason moved to the roof, he pulled up his hood and grinned as he climbed into the pilot's seat. Maybe he'd go visit Star City again, he hadn't been there in a while. Or Coast city, he'd always wanted to see Coast City. Then again he might just head to Keystone City or Central City. Anywhere that wasn't Gotham. Now that he'd been in contact with Bruce, and the man knew he wasn't dead again, he needed to get away. Before his anger at his "father" clouded his judgment and plans for his city.

The explosion shook the docks as Jason watched from the helicopter. He had to admit it was some of his finest work, and he was going to miss the location. It'd been perfect, and one of the locations he'd stolen from Black Mask some time ago. But now he was saying goodbye. He grinned as he flew higher to see the shape the fire was making.

The Bat Symbol.

It was better than the old thing that was hanging on the police station roof anyways.

If there's one thing I hate, it's incompetent goons. They can never do anything right.
Jason'd been waiting for this for what seemed like forever. Which didn't make much since as he hadn't like Connor much in the past. But now, after he'd seen Kyle and him together more intimately, he wanted them both. Over time, Jason'd become more protective of Connor too, which shocked him even more. He couldn't have fallen in love with the guy, he still hated him... well kinda hated him. Plus he still feared Kyle'd leave him for the archer. But maybe if he let Kyle have this one night with Connor, that he'd get it out of his system? Or Jason'd just want to have this little threesome every so often to make sure Kyle didn't leave him.

Jason'd set up the room to fit his own needs for the night, but he'd thrown in some of the stuff he knew the other two would want. Like the new red silk sheets now adorning the bed. He wanted to get the dark green ones, but they didn't have the right size for his bed. Also tons more pillows. So the bed looked as comfortable as possible. He also got enough condoms and lube to last them the rest of the week. The last part was the few candles he'd lit and placed around the room. Making it a more romantic feel.

Then Jason made himself comfortable. He was already half naked, and ready for the night.